Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pictures galore!

Okay gang - I managed to get pics of most of my goodies this morning! First off the stash we got on our way up to Cathy's. Yvonne & I were lucky enough to be able to stop at the Stitch & Frame shop in Rock Hill, SC. Here are the purchases -

First is a pic of everything but this scissors and those are below. And the Just Cross Stitch magazine was bought at Joann's later in the weekend!

These are just the cutest scissors that I found at Stitch and Frame and I am an avid scissor collector. They only had two pair so Polly and I ended up with these!

This is Plum Street Samplers Sergei with all the DMC and fabric.  They had the model done up and it was just so neat! I had to have this one. Polly keeps telling me I am on a bird kick.....could she be right?

Lastly it's A Sheltering Tree by All Throught the Night - I got the fabric and Yvonne and I picked out a thread and I actually got a little stitching done on this one. Just love this design and can't wait to get it finished up but all those leaves could take a bit! This one will be my February Challenge piece so I best get busy!

Next we have gifts -

This is the pile with most of the gifties! I just love everything!

First off is Cathy's package!

She got us all this neat little box and it is just great for stitching bits we need, scissors, etc! She also got us a VB tape measure! The L book is a booklet with loads of post it notes! Cathy also had the boxes filled with Valentine candies and it was so neat.  She also gave us a candle but I left that one at home and didn't get a picture. Thanks Cathy, just love it!

Next we have Yvonne.....

She stitches us all the neatest needle tins! I was carrying my snowman one she had given me for Christmas one year and she said now I wouldn't have to carry the snowman one all year! Just love it! Yvonne is so talented!

Next is Polly -

She stitched us up the adorable little box and the little paint can style container, made floss tag ring with our initials and also had a little plastic storage bin that will be great for stitching odds and ends! Oops, she also included Valentine socks and I forgot to bring them to take pic!

I just LOVE all the goodies from my great friends! Can't wait to use them and display them!

I also need to show you my January Challenge piece that is completed - I did LHN Singing the Blues twice, over 2 and then over 1. I am going to make the over 2 into a cube and the over one into a pinkeep, just gotta get it done.

It's amazing to me the difference in the over one and the over two!

Well I guess that's enough for a bit! Just wanted to share my goodies!

Thanks to my besties for a great weekend and great gifties! Love ya'll!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a weekend!!!

This is our group at A Southern Season - a WONDERFUL store Cathy took us to! This place had EVERYTHING! Vera Bradley, food, candies, wine....just anything we could want! They had this little display set up so you could take a pic for your loved ones! Lots of different signs to hold up! Left to right it's Polly, Cathy toward the  back, Yvonne and then me!

Next I will show of my gifties I made for the gals -

Since our litte gathering was close to Valentine's Day I decided to go with that theme! I stitched everyone, including myself, a Valentine style scissor fob and then included some other Valentine goodies! Hope all the glas liked their gifties! I absolutely LOVED what the gals made for me! I haven't had a chance to get pics of all the goodies yet but I will soon!

We were bad girls and did little or no stitching all weekend! We were to busy shopping, eating, laughing and cocktailing! LOL It was so nice of Cathy to welcome us all into her home for a special weekend!

That's it for now gang!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm getting there...

Got my gifties for the gals weekend finished last Sunday and Monday. So now I am back to working on my over one version of LHN Singing the Blues.  I had started doing the white border and did not like it so I decided to do the letters and then decide if I want to add the border or not. Here is the progress pic...

I think I have decided to finish the over one version as a pinkeep and do the over two version as a cube so that I can display them together and folks can see the difference. It is amazing, in my opinion!

On another note, our local Hospital Auxilary and jewelry store had it's Carrot Cupake fundraiser last night.  We bought 5 cupcakes and were lucky enough to get gemstones in 2! Now to decide what to do with mine.   Just gonna have to think on it I suppose!

Getting so excited about the gals weekend coming soon! Can't wait to see some of my besties!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been working on gifts for our girls weekend coming up but I will have to show you that at a later date.  I did start on a new project.  It is Little House Needleworks Poinsettia House.  I have decided to do this one over one and I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

After are girls weekend I will post the pics of the gifts I am working on for the girls.  I am kinda proud of myself.  I think I have done a pretty good job.  I just hope they like them. 


I had to take a break from working on my over one bluebird but now that my gifts are done for the girls weekend coming up soon I could get back to it! This is my progress as of right now. I am hoping to get this one done this week so maybe I can get the finishing done and show it off to my stitching friends!

That's all I can share right now but soon I can show off my gifties - just under two weeks to go now until a fun filled gals weekend!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Well...I wanted to post something but I can't show off my...

wcurrent project as it's my surprise gifty for the girls weekend coming up soon! I just can't wait!!

So proud of Polly for finishing her December piece and I have it on good authority that she has started her January Challenge piece too! Good for her! She is cheating though cause she is calling her gifties her Feb piece! Goodness...what will we do with her!?

Since I can't share a pic of my current project I decided to share another UFO pic...

As you can see I got a great start on this one and then for some reason I just quit working on it! I dearly love this one and maybe I can get it finished up and on display this year for Christmas. We didn't put up a tree this year but this one would look so good displayed on top of our entertainment center with candles all around.  We shall see....

And I suppose since I am posting that one I need to post one other Christmas one that is a UFO...

I started this one a LONG time ago and I got a good ways on it and then I would just pull it out when the mood strikes and it has been quite some time since the mood struck! LOL

I think that's it for my Christmas themed UFOs.  Maybe I need to start a rotation or something to get them done!

Thanks for looking!

Can you say FINISHED.....

Yes my December project is finished.  I know just a little behind.  I will get caught up just give me a few weeks.

I am working on some goodies for our get together next month.  I will post those once the girls have received there gifts. With it only being a few weeks away I have to get my but in gear. 

Lisa has finished some of her gifties and I told her so let me see how she did and she told me NO.  LOL.